Gold Medal Athlete Kerron Clement Came Out

Kerron Cleement after winning the Gold Medal in the 400-meter Hurdles at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. / Screenshot via YouTube @Team USA

American track and field athlete and Olympic gold medalist Kerron Clement came out as gay!

Clement chose to come out yesterday on National Coming Out Day and through an interview with Out Magazine.


As the Trinidadian-American athlete told the publication, he was “tired of loving in the dark.”

“I have been through what a lot of people have been through which is being afraid of being who you are,” he said. “I struggled with my sexuality for 17 years. Over time, as you get older, you care less. Now it’s time to just be yourself and be free. That’s what I’ve become, free.”

On top of his coming out, Clement commented on his joy to hear of the Nike company supporting him and the LGBTQ community. Nike has announced plans to open a rainbow-colored track at Los Angeles City College. The BETRUE Track at LA City College will be supported by the Gilbert Baker Foundation, named after the man who created the Pride flag, and exist as a community track open to the public Monday through Thursday.


“I have a global brand backing me. It’s absolutely amazing. I wish all companies would do [wat Nike does],” remarked Clement.

The athlete then shared more thoughts on social media saying:

“To be better as a society we have to celebrate each other’s victories, work together to make the game fair for everyone. So it’s up to us to speak up and not be afraid about inclusion in sports and not allowing people with differences such as sexuality, gender, race & disabilities to be discriminated against. We have to stand together until all of us are included. It’s why I’m here today, and I hope this inspires more people to do the same.”

Source: Out Magazine

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