‘Goldfish’: A Queer Coming-of-Age That Aims to Represent Asexuality

‘Goldfish’ is an East Asian queer coming-of-age film directed by British cinematographer and filmmaker Darius Shu.

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The upcoming movie is currently in pre-production, and it is starring Hiroki Berrecloth and Benjamin Cheng. According to Attitude, ‘Goldfish’ aims to “add to the growing levels of asexual representation seen on screen.”


Not to mention, the film is also expected to “explore the often misunderstood world of asexuality.” Berrecloth will be playing the role of 19-year-old Vinnie. Meanwhile, Cheng will be portraying the character of Ryan whom Vinnie meets along his journey to self-discovery.

The synopsis of ‘Goldfish’ via the outlet reads:

“Goldfish will focus on Vinnie (Berrecloth), a 19-year-old on a quest to unearth his true identity. Along the way, he must navigate a sea of anxiety and insecurity that sets him apart from everyone else. When he meets Ryan (Cheng) a romance grows. But as he is unable to form a sexual connection with Ryan, Vinnie yearns for understanding.”

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Moreover, director Shu hopes that making the film will also “boost East-Asian representation,” not only on the theme of asexuality, but also bisexuality and mental health.

“We firmly believe that Goldfish is poised to shatter barriers as its multilayered and intersecting themes of identities, mental health, and Asian cultures challenge deeply ingrained preconceptions about love, intimacy, companionship, and relationships, stirring the very fundamentals of your usual coming-of-age and romance story,” the 29-year-old filmmaker expressed in an interview with the magazine.

‘Goldfish’ will reportedly begin filming in London in 2024.

Source: attitude.co.uk

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