“Good Morning Angels”- The “Charlie’s Angels” Reboot Trailer Has Arrived

From the boardroom to the sports fields to the Presidential debates, one thing is certain; women have arrived and are making a statement. As we enter the post #MeToo era and continue the #TimesUp era, accountability & speaking out are the order of the day. 


That being said, there is no better time than to reboot the ultimate 70’s series that headlined some of the most popular ladies of the era; once more, Charlie’s Angels is being rebooted for the big screen. 


Renaissance woman Elizabeth Banks takes over as the next generation of Charlie’s Angels arrives. Director Banks presents Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska all working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has now gone global. Already having the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosley’s taking on the toughest jobs worldwide.


The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. Charlie’s Angels hits theaters this November. 

All Art Courtesy of Sony Pictures

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