Got Cover Art In Your Heart? Lil Nas X Might Have $10K & A Song

Image via Instagram @lilnasx

Want to have your art be the cover of Lil Nas X’s next single! Well, you now have a chance!

Lil Nas X is currently finishing up his first full-length album. In fact, his current Twitter bio states that the album is “98% DONE.” The artist has also tweeted that he’s simultaneously working on a mixtape. In general, the Old Town Road creator has repeatedly tweeted about his music in the works.


And now, he’s invited one lucky fan to be a part of the magic.


Lil Nas X recently announced a new contest in partnership with Adode. The award-winning singer and computer software company are asking fans to design cover art for Lil Nas X’s next single. Even better, Lil Nas X will then build the song around the concept of the winning art piece. But the best part? You’ll also receive a $10,000 cash prize! But even if you don’t win, there’s a chance of winning something. Five runner-ups will receive a 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

“This is not a drill,” Lil Nas X says in the contest’s announcement video. “This is the official announcement that I’m going to make a song based on your cover art that you’re going to make with your official artistic talent. Did I mention that it’s going to be extremely official?”

In order to enter, you have to use an app within the Adobe Creative Cloud (such as Photoshop) to create the design. You then have to post the design on social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) by September 30. But don’t forget to include the hashtag #LilNasXAdobeContest and tag @adobegencreate. Lastly, you have to include it in a comment under the Adobe Gen Create Facebook account’s announcement post.

If you want the full contest details, you can find them over at Adobe’s website.

Good luck!

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