Gotham’s Penguin, Taylor, Discusses Canon & Fan Homophobia.

When I saw that FOX was giving Penguin a pretty heavy bromance / love story between him and The Riddler or Edward Nigma, I actually started looking up the Penguins former love interest trying to see if there were any males or females in the past. I paused often thinking that it shouldn't matter, but I did want to find out what had been written before.  Could they do this?  Would it break from history so much that it would disrupt the flow of Oswald Cobblepot's story?  Here's the response I was waiting for.


Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the Penguin on Fox's Gotham, has been vocal about his own personal experiences with homophobia in the past. Over the weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con, the actor spoke about his biggest aggravation when it comes to talks about his character's sexuality. 

In a recorded clip from the event, embedded below, Taylor expresses his thoughts over the characterization of the iconic villain. He mentions that while many fans say they have no issues with the Penguin being gay or queer, they also contradictorily make note that this is a deviation from the character in the comics. "That's a bunch of horseshit," Taylor states in response to such comments. "What you're saying to me is, 'I am homophobic, and I am afraid of gay people and queer people.'"  –


Let's see Taylor's response.




Robin Lord Taylor legit drops the mike on any debate over the Oswald/Edward bromance on Gotham, while onstage at Rhode Island Comic Con with Sean Pertwee and Clare Kramer. – FanGeek


It almost sounds like Taylor was saying that Oswald was starving for love and acceptance and would grasp onto it in any form.  More so a nurture instead of nature explanation of sexuality.  Does Taylor think that the Penguin is bisexual? Is he looking to have sex?  Maybe he is asexual and striving emotional attachment?  Or does he not need to be defined?  Is he straight and is this just a bromance?

Let's see if Gotham defines Oswald any more or just leaves it open to interpretation.

But we do love your argument, Robin Lord Taylor.  It is interesting that people are focusing on this alteration, but not some of the other major tangents and changes that have occurred in the canon.  We're right there with you!







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