Graham Norton Talks About Married Life with Jonathan McLeod

Graham Norton recently opened up about his married life with Jonathan McLeod, who is an esteemed Scottish filmmaker.

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The two of them tied the knot in July 2022 after meeting each other six years prior. In a new interview with Attitude, Norton talked about his decision to get married, as well as his life with husband McLeod.


“It’s good! I feel like I’ve turned on my tribe. You know when people in relationships, or who are married, want it for you? You just want me to do it to validate the choice you made!,” the 60-year-old Irish comedian and actor responded when asked how he’s enjoying the married life.

“But I am enjoying it. I was older, so I went into it with my eyes wide open. You know the pitfalls of relationships, the dangers. But I met someone who I was willing to take a bet on,” he added.

Moreover, Norton also shared about getting Madonna to go on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, stating:

“For a long time, we didn’t get her, then finally it happened. It was Madonna Day. It was a big deal. She was on for the film W.E. The next time was Madame X.”


“After the show, I went to a weird Q&A with her at Alexandra Palace […] Well, that was about 15 minutes. We were there for an hour! We couldn’t just say: ‘Thank you, good night!’ People had flown in from all over the world. It turned into bedlam. Fabulous chaos,” he continued recalling.

The TV host further stated,

“The audience were asking all sorts of questions. She was signing people’s bodies. She would only sign people if they already had a Madame X tattoo. Madame X, I think, had only come out that day. People did have Madame X tattoos already!”


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