Grandfather Writes Amazing Letter, Checks Daughter And Supports Gay Grandson

This. Is. Awesome!

One spunky grandfather wrote a letter completely shaming his daughter's decision to kick her son out of the house after he came out of the closet:

"Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real 'abomination' here. A parent disowning her child is what goes 'against nature.'"


The grandpap continued saying,

I don't have time for [a] heartless B-word of a daugther. 

If you find your heart, give us a call. 

Read the lovingly stern letter in its entirety below.






Too harsh? We think not. What do you think of this grandfather's response to his daughter's vile, Instincters? 

(h/t: Huffington Post Gay Voices)

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8 thoughts on “Grandfather Writes Amazing Letter, Checks Daughter And Supports Gay Grandson”

  1. Although I do find this heart

    Although I do find this heart felt, I don't think a grandfather wrote this.  The penmanship and wording appears to be what an adult aged grandson would want his grandfather to tell his mother.  

  2. Isn’t the grandfather

    Isn't the grandfather stooping to the level of his daughter by disowning her? I feel like he 's doing the right thing to stand up for his grandson, but he needs to also be the example of unconditional love and accept his daughter despite her narrow minded decisions. It's retaliations of hate that fuel this vicious cycle of misunderstanding and ignorance. Love is always the answer, even in this case.

    • I don’t necessarily agree

      I don't necessarily agree with your logic here. The Grandfather is not retaliating in hate, and it can not at all be compared or given moral equivalence with what the mother did. The mother Kicked her child out of the home because he came out. She is blaming her son for being gay, and wants to be clear that she didn't have anything to do with her son being gay (duh). So, in essence, a mother has disowned her son for something the son (and the mother/father, etc.) had no choice in, didn't "do" anything deserving of being disowned and was an action/re-action based simply on ignorance, closed-mindedness, bigotry and the result of her view of the issue is hateful actions against someone who should be loved UNCONDITIONALLY.! The Grandfather is reacting to hate, not creating, hating in kind, or even perpetuating it, in my opinion. The case he states, obviously having something to base his quotes from her on in response, is clear, logical, full of sense, and while it is full of emotion, his position isn't emotion-based, as the mother's is, completely. He has also left the door open for his daughter, saying if she finds/gets a heart, give them a call. I doubt the mother said, while booting her son out, "If you find heterosexuality, give us a call"….

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  4. Team Grandpa! Fuck Her! She

    Team Grandpa! Fuck Her! She needs to get an Education and move on. The kid is WAY better off with a Grownup.

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