Graphic Design Teacher Terminated for Featuring Queer Guest Speaker

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When you envision a classroom filled with 30+ students, common sense tells you that at least one of them belongs to the queer community; whether they’re out and proud or still coming to terms with their sexuality. Add on the fact that many creators are gay and use art as a way of self-expression, it stands to reason that bringing in a gay guest speaker could inspire that one student. That’s the point of teaching, right? To use your knowledge to better the life of just one youth. Well, obviously Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond didn’t think so; as the college dismissed a longstanding professor for bringing in a guest speaker who “goes against the will of God.”

According to sources, Oklahoma Christian University fired its graphic design professor of 41 years due to his choice in inviting a queer speaker to lecture his class on overcoming obstacles as an artist. After university officials became aware of the incident, Professor Michael O’Keefe was terminated as of March 7, 2022. Students have been questioned about the decision and they’re on the side of their former teacher. This has raised several Free Speech arguments that are currently blazing online. You can read an in-depth analysis of it here.


O’Keefe hired a lawyer, named Kevin Jacobs, and they released this statement to WGNO: “Michael O’Keefe was fired by Oklahoma Christian University allegedly for his ‘gross misconduct, conduct contrary to the mission and values of Oklahoma Christian University and disregard of the policies and values of the university. It is our belief Mr. O’Keefe was terminated for having a guest speaker for his senior level class… This speaker is also gay. Letting students expect a world where you may be different is the message Mr. O’Keefe wanted his students to hear. That’s the message this speaker delivered, not an advocacy of gay rights. Unfortunately, that’s not permitted at Oklahoma Christian University today. It cost Mr. O’Keefe his job.”

Oklahoma Christian University responded to the events saying his termination was conducted after a thorough review process in which they felt he was jeopardizing the wellbeing of his students.

O’Keefe and Jacobs are deciding how they want to handle this matter from a legal standpoint.

I know some of you reading this may scoff at the entire event, thinking that he should have known better than to bring a member of the queer community to a religious university. And that’s part of the problem. Christians should no longer view gays as the doorkeepers to Hell just as we shouldn’t look at Christians as our greatest enemy. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Whatever happened to… something about not throwing stones? More so, what does this message send to young gay kids if they feel they need to suppress their true feelings to receive a proper education, and vice versa?


Plus, if Oklahoma Christian University hates cock so much, then explain to me this big penis statue on campus.

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Sources: WGNO, The Fire

3 thoughts on “Graphic Design Teacher Terminated for Featuring Queer Guest Speaker”

  1. This is indeed sad, and contrary to everything we supposedly think in this country.
    However, bigotry is alive and well on many college campuses, religious or otherwise, as well as in our secondary schools, witness the banishment of many informative books if they have any utterance of any form of homosexuality.
    I have these comments, although I haven’t the slightest clue what I can personally do about it, other than vote.

  2. Terrible that he is condemned just because he’s gay , even though it seems like he wasn’t going to even speak about being gay.


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