Grazer Also Updates Pronouns to He/They

Jack Dylan Grazer, the 17-year-old actor who rose to fame as Eddie Kaspbrak in the remake of Stephen King’s It and It: Chapter Two, has confirmed that they are a part of the LGBTQ community.

During an Instagram Live, a viewer point-blank asked Grazer, “are you gay?” He smiled and responded with, “I’m bi.”

Many of his 4.6 followers were also quick to notice that he updated his pronouns to he/they on his Instagram bio. 

Screenshot via Jack Dylan Grazer Instagram

After the revelation, Grazer referenced his character Alberto Scorfano from the recent Disney-Pixar film, Luca, shouting, “Silenzio Bruno!” Although the film has received high praise from critics, many viewers think that the sea monster identities of the two leads is an allegory for the LGBTQ experience. After watching, it is not hard to understand why. 

In Luca, Grazer’s character forms a dynamic bond with fellow sea-dweller Luca Paguro, voiced by Jacob Tremblay. On land, they hide their true selves in order to be accepted. With themes including keeping secrets from the ones you love, running away from home to explore and be yourself, and hiding a huge part of your identity from society, there is a lot in Luca that LGBTQ people can relate to. 

Unfortunately, the film’s director, Enrico Casarosa, says that was not the film’s intention. Grazer has also made comments saying Alberto and Luca are just friends.

However, Grazer has played a LGBTQ character before. Last year, he received critical acclaim for his performance in HBO’s coming-of-age drama, We Are Who We Are, as Frazer Wilson, a queer 14-year-old who relocates from New York to a military base in Veneto with his two mothers.

Grazer’s other credits include the CBS series, Me, Myself, and I, which was cancelled after its first season, and the DC Extended Universe film, Shazam!

On behalf of Instinct Magazine, welcome to the family, Jack!


9 thoughts on “Grazer Also Updates Pronouns to He/They”

  1. I saw this coming a few years ago when he was filming IT the movie and candid videos came out of the cast, and in one of the clips Jack was talking about gay porn. It was quite weird for a 12 year old kid to be smoking weed and talking about watching gay porn. Funny, there wasn’t any backlash from those videos involving minors with all of the Hollywood conspiracy freaks out there.

    • Totally agree. Why do this little twink queens think it’s important that we know they’re “bi.” Coming out isn’t news anymore, is it? And he’s blonde right down to his dark pubes! Yawn!!!

      • It’s very simple: if they say they’re “bi,” they get the gay audience as well as the straight one. It’s also very trendy.

      • He’s not and probably will never be thinking about you, Pierce. Also it’s depressing that you’re attacking a 17 YEAR OLD for answering an unexpected question from a fan about his sexuality honestly. Jesus Christ, have some compassion and appreciation for the fact that he feels able to do that.

      • They were asked a question. He answered it. I’m not sure why this troubles you Pierce. Or what colour their pubes are 🤷‍♀️


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