Greg Berlanti To Direct Channing Tatum In New Film

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Greg Berlanti and Channing Tatum have signed on for Apple’s upcoming space picture Project Artemis.

The Apple Original Films production has swapped out its male lead and director for a new pair of talents, according to Variety. While the film project was initially set to star Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson with Jason Bateman tapped to direct, Tatum and Berlanti have instead filed those roles.


Batemen reportedly left due to creative differences. This led to a change in the shooting schedule, which then blocked Evans from participating in the film. Instead, he’s chosen to focus on the upcoming Netflix feature Pain Hustlers with Emily Blunt.

Unfortunately, we currently know very little about the film. Johansson is producing the movie and Apple Original Films paid upwards of $100 million for the project. So, it would seem the film is expected to be a hit. All we know about the plot, however, is that it takes place during the 1960s space race.



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After taking a break from acting, Channing Tatum has gone to the races with several new projects lately. Tatum was already seen in a few projects this year. Specifically, Dog, The Afterparty, and The Lost City. He’ll next appear in Magic Mike’s Last Dance and in Zoë Kravitz’s Pussy Island. We’re sure many women and queer men will be happy to see Tatum back on their screens.

The hiring of Greg Berlanti as director is of special interest, however. Berlanti is mostly known for producing many projects in Hollywood. He’s produced many TV hits like Arrow, You, The Flight Attendant, and Riverdale. But when it comes to directing, Greg Berlanti is not as prolific. In fact, the only three films Berlanti has directed are Life As We Know It; The Broken Hearts Club; and Love, Simon.

On the bright side, two of those three films were queer movies. Plus, Berlanti’s film about the late closeted Hollywood star Rock Hudson is allegedly still in the works. So, the idea of Greg Berlanti directing this upcoming movie does pique our interest. It doesn’t confirm anything in terms of LGBTQ storytelling. But we’re keeping our eyes on this one. And if nothing else, we know it’ll have Berlanti’s luck and success all over it.

We’ll update as soon as we know more.

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