Greta Thunberg Is Person Of The Year

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TIME Magazine Releases Their Yearly List Which Includes Greta Thunberg, Lizzo, And More

Each year the honorable TIME Magazine debuts their choices for People of the Year. It’s not a fan favorite vote, so the choices all tend to be pretty reasonable. With social media taking over our lives, anything and everything can be labeled as controversial or triggering, which is what TIME has seemingly done since the beginning of well, TIME. The magazine continues to be relevant today, proving not all print is necessarily dead. They’ve had polarizing figures in the past be put on a pedestal of person of the year, such as Adolf Hilter. TIME still manages to bend a bit political when making their decision and did not stop when choosing their next reigning supreme.


According to TIME Magazine, the Person of the Year is Greta Thunberg. The climate change activist made waves this year when she scowled to the United Nations regarding her passion: The Earth. Her speech soon went viral and caused mass online hysteria. People praised her, tons flocked to her follow her on social media, but that doesn’t mean the naysayers and haters didn’t appear. The latter would go on to accuse Thunberg of being an actress, or politely put: A Loon. At sixteen-years-old, she is the youngest person to receive the prestige title. Regardless of what one can say about her, she absolutely deserves the title as she has likely been a topic in many conversations. In the end, perhaps Thunberg accomplished exactly what she set out to do: Get people talking about climate change.

Thunberg is in good company as 2019 comes to a wrap. Athlete(s) of the Year is dedicated to the incomparable United State’s Women’s Soccer Team. Ironically, the team’s winger, Megan Rapinoe was recently declared Sports Illustrated 2019’s Sportsperson of the Year. Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of powerhouse company Disney, was named Businessperson of the Year. As he should be. The introduction of Disney+, after the purchase of the FOX Network was absolutely huge.

Nobody can deny Donald Trump has caused a stir in the nation. You can love him or hate him, but he’s here – and it doesn’t appear impeachment is the answer to getting him out of office. While impeachment hearings are still in session, those of us at home watching sit with anticipation, awe, and a plethora of other emotions as a judgement will be reached. Still, the Guardians of the Year aren’t from another galaxy, but are the federal workers in Washington, DC who have been working to ensure the constitution has been followed. On a lighter note, ray of sunshine AKA Lizzo, a plus size singer/rapper/personality hybrid lands Entertainer of the Year. While she may have started some social media eyerolling last week after showing her literal behind at a Los Angeles Lakers game, she’s won of the hearts of the load of us who have grown tired of the lowbrow shenanigans from media darlings like Cardi B and anyone else to gain fame from tasteless reality television shows. Lizzo is proof that you can still have raw talent and succeed in the industry without getting your moment from flipping a table or releasing a sex tape.

Whether we agree with TIME or not is up to an individual. However, you cannot deny they are spot on with the hottest, most talked about people of the year. Who would you have chose?


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