Grindr To Add HIV Status Filter? So What?

Should Grindr add an HIV status filter? Would you be in favor of it?  We already search for this, filter for that, would adding an HIV status filter be any different?

One of the main blogs saying such a filter would be a negative also mentioned that currently sites like Manhunt and BarebackRT have offered search options for some time that allow men to filter people based on their HIV status. Apparently a search is okay, but what if you were able to filter everyone you would ever see or don't see based on their answer in the HIV status field?  Basically, you would be excluding people from ever being seen on your app ever again, which some may call a digital quarantine of HIV positive individuals. Is that okay?

Would people be using this option as a 'healthy option' or would use of such a thing be discriminating against people living with HIV?  One such statement was that it would lead to a quarantine of HIV+ users and they would be outcasts, never seen by a certain part of the population.  But doesn't this already happen with people that use the filter for just seeing jocks and twinks, therefore quarantining bear, daddies, etc from sight.  But it's HIV status, so do we need to be more sensitive of this sensoring?

One blog author bolded his statement saying that Grindr shouldn't be doing this since there are HIV preventive medications now I really didn't understand that at all.  Was he saying that since we do have preventive medication, HIV status is not as bad as it use to be?

As mentioned there are sites that already allow one to search based on HIV status and even PrEP use.  Here's an image from

So it's question time.  I haven't directly stated my opinion / put my own two cents in about this, but you can probably guess how I would vote by the tone of this blog. Let's see how you feel.

– Do you feel there should be an HIV status filter?  What about an STD / STI filter? There are other STDs / STIs out there.  Should there be a disease free (DF) filter instead?  Or is HIV still the big one people are more concerned about.

– Is Grindr getting the brunt of this because they are one of the most used apps out there?

– What about men that search just for HIV+ hook-ups / dates? Would this not benefit them?

– Do you agree such a HIV Status filter would take "THE DISCUSSION" out of the hook-up protocol?

– "It signals that HIV stigma is normal and rational."  Isn't there an small dick, stigma, age stigma, bear stigma, black stigma?  Isn't this just another one that we just have to throw our hands up and say oh well?  It's a personal preference?

-The fact that we are debating this, does that make us inconsiderate assholes?


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