Grindr, Uber, & US Life Expectancy get some negative news while World AIDS Day is met with shocking European stats.


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UK Lawmaker Comes Out As HIV+

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle
made a personal appeal in advance of World AIDS Day.
Brushing aside stigma, he said "We can be whoever we want to be"


Grindr President Thinks Marriage is For a Man and a Woman

Scott Chen is receiving backlash for his public comments


Gay Wrestler Creating Adult Films For Suicide Prevention

He's doing it for his late father, who took his life last year.


Anti-Gay Driver Dragged Gay Man Across
NY's East Village as Husband Watched

“I said, ‘Let me out, let me out, let me out!’ just over and over until he stopped," the husband recalled.


School Officials Harass Trans Student In Bathroom Stall

Student recorded officials breaking into the stall with a crowbar


Starbucks Will Start Blocking Porn at Stores in 2019

Looks like you'll have to start taking your double shots to go


Rockefeller Center Tree Makes LGBTQ History

Why the 72-foot spruce is the first of its kind


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Buddhist Officials Condemn Viral Photos Of A Muscular Monk

“It’s inappropriate because it invites criticism and tarnishes our religion."


New WHO Report Shows Worry For Higher HIV Rates In Europe

"It’s hard to talk about good news in the face of another
year of unacceptably high numbers of people infected with HIV."

Life Expectancy in the US Declines

We need to do something to improve the lives of many Americans.



Have A Listen To These Five Fabulous LGBT Artists

singing Hold Me, Afterglow, Walking In Memphis, Dead Without Dancing, & This Beautiful Life



Travel Thursday: Boise, ID Charms With Hospitality & Ease

Boise shoots up the lists of most welcoming places,
nicest people, walkable cities, and adult pleasures.


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