Grindr Used Again To Set Up Fatal Meeting

You all have to be vigilant out there.  There are some very untrustworthy people and apps like Grindr are their hunting grounds.


A former convict was just charged with capital murder in the death of a man Harris County deputies said he targeted for robbery.  His tool? A gay dating app.  Take your pick, he could have been on any of them, but this time, the alleged murder was using Grindr.

And of course sharing this story gives other criminals the idea to do the same thing. But we need to share in order to make sure you all know that it is not safe out there.  

Benjamin Davis, the man arrested and charged with the murder, “learned from other individuals, people we don’t know, that it’s pretty easy to get into people’s homes on this app and rob them,” said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Chandler Raine.

Davis has told police what he did and how he did it. He arranged to meet Victor Najera Betanzos at his apartment. Of course the victim thought it was for sex, but the real motive was robbery.


Benjamin Davis, 29, is no stranger to committing violence as he served two years in prison for choking a family member back in 2018. When Davis arrived at Betanzos’s home, he knocked the victim unconscious and then strangled him with a scarf. He left the man for dead after pouring bleach on the body to try to destroy evidence. His escape? Davis drove off in the victim’s truck with his stolen iPhone and iPad.

Davis was spotted this past Saturday and arrested while driving the victim’s truck.  He was charged with capital murder and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

If you’re still hooking up during the pandemic, you’re already taking your life in to your own hands. With this awful layer of disgust and criminal activity, it just increases the odds of not having a good time after the hook-up is over.  Be vigilant in getting to know someone, meet someone first.  No, that will not weed out all the crazy, but it will help.

Stay safe out there people.  Not only is there a pandemic, but there are unbalanced ones just looking to take advantage of you. 


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