Grindr Users Complain After New Audio Feature And The App Crashing

If you were on Grindr a few hours ago, you might have been able to witness the app crashing.

While many people are worried about the new audio feature, it seems that Grindr is just hoping to keep the app working.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Grindr would be implementing a new audio feature. In a statement concerning the new feature, Grindr said,

“The sound of someone’s voice says a lot about them. That’s why we added audio messages, an easy and authentic way to connect and express yourself.”

That said, many people were put off by the idea and saw it as another way gay men can discriminate against each other. Specifically, this opens up age-old arguments over masculinity in gay men.

News source Them also chimed in on the situation saying that this feature is, “yet another opportunity for gay men to be terrible to each other on dating apps.”

“Grindr, like many spaces created by and for cisgender gay men, is a social environment fraught with pressures to perform hyper-masculinity in order to be seen as more attractive. On an app where the phrase “no fems” is commonplace in profile bios, adding voice messages could just be another way to screen people who aren’t masc 4 masc or don’t conform to more masculine standards of desirability.”

It seems Grindr can't catch a break though as now the app isn't working at all. Earlier today (around about 10-12 hours ago) the app shut down and users couldn't log on. 

Of course, this led to some hilarious social media posts.

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  1. Sad part it’s full of

    Sad part it's full of closeted married men. Guys cheating on way to meet is in person when out leave it on and guys will know your there to check you out…but careful they don't follow you home. Pictures are great bUT don't create chemistry.  You can be haf but if you have nothing to back it up sooner or later you move on. 


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