‘Guardians’ Actor Shows Off His Bangin’ Body

Credit: screenshot via Chris Pratt’s Instagram

Chris Pratt is back, and he brought abs.

The 44-year-old Hollywood A-Lister is showing off the results of his new fitness regimen and, trust me, men (and women) are noticing! It’s only day 10 of his new year, new work out and it already looks like he could literally carry the weight of his next movie on his shoulders. 


Let’s take a gander at the shirtless snap, provided by the actor himself on Instagram. 

I think I prefer the pecs and thighs in this photo more than the arms and abs. What’s your opinion, Instinct Readers? 


The Minnesota native, currently married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, saw a huge career boost after starring in TV’s Parks & Recreation. Since then, he’s gone on to lead several Marvel movies as well as the Jurassic Park reboots. He also voiced a character in The Super Marios Bros Movie, which was one of the best-selling films of 2023. 

Before anyone gets up in arms, Mr. Pratt and numerous industry insiders went on record to say that Pratt is not a part of Hillsong. Pratt would later make a public statement in support of gay love. So, let’s leave those rumors in the past, shall we? 

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4 thoughts on “‘Guardians’ Actor Shows Off His Bangin’ Body”

  1. Stop covering religious wingnuts who want gay people dead just because they have a nice body. Their beliefs are uglier than any wart-covered witch.

  2. Can we not lust after a MAGA religous nut who openly lies about it? “Regardless, his disavowal of Hillsong doesn’t hold much weight considering that he still claims to attend Zoe Church, whose pastor Chad Veach executive produced a film in 2017 that equated “sexual brokenness” and infidelity to same-sex attraction. (Although the actor refuted Page’s allegations of homophobia based on, well, nothing). Veach, who is not only Pratt’s pastor but his golfing buddy, is listed as a Hillsong contributor on their website and told The New York Times that he modeled Zoe Church on Hillsong.”


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