Guitar Pop, Soulful R&B, Driving Pop/Rock And More

TikTok sensation JORDY in his music video "Til It Hurts"
TikTok sensation JORDY (photo: Dante Velasquez Jr)

Head into the weekend with some new music on your playlists. With guitar pop, soulful R&B, soaring anthems and more, we’ve got something for everyone.

TikTok sensation JORDY recently dropped his infectious pop love song, “Till It Hurts,” which chronicles that evergreen feeling of loving someone ’till it hurts.’


The coming of age-inspired music video follows JORDY around a high school campus accompanied by his crew, a dancing Greek chorus, who create an undeniably nostalgia-inducing visual full of color and driving sonic pop goodness.

“I think we all feel like we’re hard to love sometimes,” says JORDY. “Whether it’s our anxieties or bad habits or baggage from past relationships, there are moments where we all ask ourselves if we’re even worthy of love in the first place.”

“But I think a lot of us that struggle with those feelings are ones who have an incredible amount of love to give,” he adds.

Fresh off of an appearance on The Today Show, a feature in YouTube Music’s 2021 Pride Campaign, and an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, JORDY is gearing up for his first full-length album, Mind Games, scheduled for release November 5.


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Brandon Anderson in his music video "Reborn"
Brandon Anderson (cover art for ‘Reborn’)

Out singer/songwriter Brandon Anderson, serves up his soaring pop anthem, “Reborn.


A driving beat, effortless vocals, and blue sky visuals make for a winning combination as Anderson shares a message of authenticity that encourages leaving the past behind and heading into the new day.

In an Instagram post, Anderson shared, “This song and video are all about embracing your true self and the inherent joy you will find there.”

“Too often we let others dictate our worth, who we can be, or our limits,” says Anderson. “And this song is a call to break from what society and others put upon us, to live free and authentically, and to be reborn. (And also maybe to dance).”

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Out singer/songwriter Christopher Sorensen
Christopher Sorensen (image via Instagram)

Out singer/songwriter Christopher Sorensen is in the mood to reflect on past loves with his soulful R&B track, “Rose Colors.”

The laidback ballad takes the high road when remembering a relationship that didn’t work out. The moral here is that we can choose how to hold or frame those memories.


The music video features Kahlo De Jesus-Buffington as Sorensen’s ex who shares custody of their adorbs pooch, played by Ripley the dog in a star-making turn.

Amid a moment of crisis, the video delivers a sweet and refreshingly human moment of respite from the wild and wacky pandemic world. It seems the two just needed a helping paw.

Instinct previously covered Sorensen’s older/younger themed music video “Afterglow” here, and you can follow him on Instagram here.

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss
Tom Goss (photo: Dusti Cunningham)

The latest from acclaimed out singer/songwriter Tom Goss is the guitar-driven pop bop, “Best Life,” a bright and refreshing sonic sip of sunny gratitude.

I’ve sang, and danced
And laughed until I lost my breath
I’ve held you so, loved harder than you’d ever know
I’ve lost and I’ve won it back again
And I’d do it all over if I had the chance

My best life, My best life, My best life

Like much of his music, Goss leans into his personal experience to find the authentic, soulful center of the song.


“I wrote the song thinking about all the wonderful things in my life, especially my husband,” says Goss. “I made the video with found footage over the years.”

“The opening scene is the morning before I went off on my first national tour in 2008,” he adds. “We were so young and fresh. In a way, nothing has changed.”

Find our previous coverage of Tom’s music here, and you can follow him on Instagram here.

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