Gus Kenworthy And Others Clap Back At Folks Trolling New Gillette Ad

After Gillette unveiled its latest ad aimed at inspiring men to step up as better role models for young boys regarding how to treat women and other men, some far-right loons decided being told to “be the best a man can be” was too tall an order.

It’s not unusual for Proctor & Gamble, Gillette’s parent company to advocate on social issues.

Last year, P&G won an Emmy Award for “The Talk,” an ad that featured African-American parents discussing racism with their children.

And other companies have found success wading into social issues.

Last year, Nike put former NLF quarterback Colin Kaepernick front and center for the 30th anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign. The ad spot was targeted at Nike’s prime demographic – younger customers who tend to believe in social justice.

The gamble paid off. While there were some early grumbles on social media, Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, shared with analysts in September, “We’ve seen record engagement with the brand as part of the campaign.”

Even Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King, gave the new Gillette ad a thumbs-up. 

“This commercial isn’t anti-male,” tweeted the civil rights advocate. “It’s pro-humanity. And it demonstrates that character can step up to change conditions.”

However, some men, who apparently don’t like to be told to stop assaulting women or bullying gay men, are now proposing a boycott of the men’s product company.




And then there’s self-important UK TV personality Piers Morgan, who has his own history of homophobic and transphobic snark. Morgan claims he spends “$1000s” on Gillette products each year, and his takeaway from the ad was that Gillette “wants every man to take one of their razors & cut off his testicles.” What the hell…?


It seems to this writer that if you are a man who treats women and men with respect, there’s really nothing to get upset about, is there?

In any case, lots of level-headed, clear-minded folks have clapped back at the fragile snowflakes.

Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy had a perfectly direct response to the triggered trolls, tweeting, “To anyone who was offended by the Gillette ad that simply implored me not to sexually assault or harass women: f*ck you!”



Bravo, Gus! And there were many, many more who weighed in on the absurdity of the criticism.



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