Gus Kenworthy Hangs with His Hunky Boyfriend and… a Raccoon?

Although he was unable to place at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Gus Kenworthy seems to still be getting his life while spending time in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 


This includes heading to a very specific type of cafe with his adorable boyfriend Matthew Wilkas where they hung out with a furry friend and looked to have a blast while doing so. 

The two hit up a local raccoon cafe (yes, that actually exists), which Gus called the highlight of his trip to South Korea.


The photo set includes Gus cuddling up to a couple of raccoons and looking quite cute while doing so (we see you with that beard, Gus!)  Good to see he's enjoying his last couple of days in South Korea with so much adorableness around him. 

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