Gus Kenworthy Leaves Little to the Imagination at Burning Man

Credit: Gus Kenworthy Instagram

Gus Kenworthy more than likely knew what he was doing when he posted THIS pic from his time at Burning Man on his social media. Not that we’re complaining, but…

The decorated Olympian talked about his time at the annual event on Instagram earlier this week that included a ton of shirtless photos. Yay.

“My first Burning Man experience was nothing short of pure magic,” he captioned. “From start to finish the week offered more than I could’ve ever imagined or hoped for and delivered everything that I needed. I laughed a lot, cried more than I’d care to admit and truly danced from sundown to sunup. I made new friends, saw old ones and welcomed the catharsis that the playa can provide. And, since Burning Man is all about community, here are a bunch of pictures of me mostly by myself.”

That’s really great Gus. And I’m so glad you had a great time with your buddies. But let’s talk about the photo below, which you conveniently added after your original Burning Man post.


Yeah, um… WHAT? Those gold pants you are wearing ain’t hiding nothing, buddy! So bottom line with Gus is that he’s blessed in the front and the back (let’s not forget that spread he did for ESPN’s Body Issue in 2017).

Happy Tuesday all!

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