Gus Kenworthy Wants to Overnight Zac Efron Something Interesting

It's not even the holiday season, and Gus Kenworthy is already in the gift giving mood, especially when it comes to his fond liking for The Greatest Showman star Zac Efron.

Gus, who is an Olympic medalist in freestyle skiing, could easily double down as a comedian based on how hilarious his Twitter has been lately (he would "die happy" choking on this as an example.)   His other tweet about the handsome and talented actor should be considered funny, but then again, you be the judge.

A story came out on Towleroad about how a man claimed that the painkiller called Lyrica turned him gay (sure, girl).  This gave Gus the great opportunity to want to overnight this product to Zac, in hopes that it has the same effect on him.

Of course he's kidding, as a painkiller or any sort of medication can't make you gay, but the hilarity in it wasn't lost on anyone.  Case in point:


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