Gus Kenworthy’s Singing Abilities Leaves His Dog Unimpressed — Watch

Credit: Gus Kenworthy Instagram

Gus Kenworthy‘s dog Birdie appeared to be totally unimpressed by his singing abilities in a funny new video posted to his Instagram.

The decorated Olympian shared a clip of him and his pup chilling on the couch while he played the guitar and belted out a song by Hozier. Gus, as usual, looked as dreamy as can be in a super tight white t-shirt and hat while rocking a pretty sexy beard to go along with.


“I’ve spent the past two months trying to learn the guitar and my dog is… honestly not very impressed,” he joked as the caption. Birdie appeared totally uninterested by his vocals as she yawned consistently and looked away from his throughout the footage. The shadeeeeee.


It hasn’t all been cute moments like this for Gus as his time in quarantine has been met with a ton of struggles similar to what millions of others are currently experiencing. He opened up about them in a lengthy IG post shared in mid-April.

“I know I’ve been MIA for the past month and a half but tbh this whole thing has been really hard on me. I know has been a struggle for most everyone,” he began. “One thing I’ve learned is that just because we’re in isolation it does NOT mean that we’re alone. We really are in this together! If you’re struggling w/ depression and you’ve been feeling down and worthless know that I have been too. In school, in sports and in life I’ve always hated asking for help because I’ve wanted to seem strong, brave, tough, self-assured, etc but I’ve realized that sometimes you just need help and when you do you need to ask for it.”


He continued, “It’s literally what friends are for. Swallow your pride and text a friend saying ‘I’m feeling really down, can you talk?’ It will help. I’m thankful for my friends and all of you for being my support system; I’m thankful for the people who have used this time to create fun, funny content that has made me laugh and offered levity amidst the darkness; I’m thankful for my health and, most especially, I’m thankful for my family.”

Gus then went on to talk about two very scary stories involving his loved ones that shook up his world during this worldwide pandemic. “We had some serious scares this past month and it’s put into perspective, more than ever before, the importance of family. My 9-month-old nephew, Bodhi, had a bad cough/ fever and started having trouble breathing. He ended up being flight for life’d to Denver Children’s Hospital to be put on a respirator and spent a week in the ICU. Shortly after he returned home my 4-year-old niece, Bobbie, fell ill and had to be rushed to the same hospital to undergo two emergency surgeries. They’re both finally home again and recovering! I’m incredibly thankful and forever grateful to our healthcare workers on the front line of this pandemic.”


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