Gustav Magnar Witzøe: From Salmon Empire Heir to Met Gala Winner

In a sea of audacious ensembles at the Met Gala, one man stood out boldly: Gustav Magnar Witzøe, the Norwegian billionaire heir to a salmon fishing empire, made waves with his salmon-colored bodysuit and flowing train. At just 31 years old, Witzøe, boasting an estimated $3.9 billion fortune, turned heads with his dramatic debut at the event in 2023 and once again made a splash on best-dressed lists this year.

Invited to the prestigious gathering in New York, Witzøe expressed his enthusiasm for fashion, stating, “You don’t say no when you’re invited by the Met Gala.” Embracing Versace’s design, he added, “I’m a bit more interested in fashion than average and when Versace says they want to dress me up, I think it’s fun.”


Social media erupted with admiration for Witzøe’s daring attire, with one user declaring him the new standard for men’s fashion. Others likened him to the mythical warrior Achilles and marveled at his bejeweled abs.


Despite his billionaire status and modeling career, Witzøe maintains he is just a regular guy, attributing his down-to-earth nature to his upbringing on a small island off the coast of Norway. Reflecting on his upbringing, he said, “I’m grateful I grew up in the way I did. It was just a normal, down-to-earth family, and I think those are values I’ll take with me.”


While Witzøe’s Instagram showcases a life of luxury and high fashion, he has faced challenges, including a brief stint in jail for reckless driving. However, he remains grounded, acknowledging, “the law is the same for everyone, you have to take the punishment.”

From salmon farming to fashion icon, Gustav Magnar Witzøe continues to captivate the world.


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