Guy Thinks It’s Funny To Come Out As A Prank To Girlfriend

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These Awful Pranks Showcase A Lack Of Talent, Interests, And Humility While Glamorizing The Pain Of The LGBTQ Community

Alright, I’m definitely not a part of the “politically correct police” on the internet whatsoever. But, there are some topics and actions that need to be called out when someone does something less than smart. Examples: Faking a pregnancy, claiming you gave your ex an STD for revenge, or even no call-no showing to a job which has treated you well. Another, as most LGBTQ people would say: Is fake-coming out. It’s already unbearable that we have celebrities gay-baiting our community, but remember when Aaron Carter came out as bisexual last year, only to take it back, after his career and personal life were spiraling out of control? Yeah, it’s hurtful to us and does more damage in the long run. Turns out, there’s a slew of coming out “pranks” spread over YouTube and Facebook videos.


In a video I came across on Facebook, I’m assuming this YouTube personality(?), “comes out of the closet” to his girlfriend of two years. He’s not an award winning actor, but he does make his case pretty great. It’s almost like he perhaps watched some coming out videos. He uses key words in his breakup which seem real, although scripted, like: “I’m attracted to you as a person, but I belong with a man”, and the like. I think those of us who came out before the modern day internet could agree ours are not as rehearsed, but he still makes it a little believable. His girlfriend is originally in denial, but grows weepy as she slowly starts to accept her man is gay. She shows compassion for him, wishing he lives his life and to be happy. It’s adorable, on her part, but makes him look immature. He’s clearly not associated himself with anyone in the gay community besides his video-findings online, because any LGBTQ person would tell him this is not funny and not original. You can check out the video below:

The level of disrespect with a coming out prank is limitless. I’m someone who came out to my mother and didn’t speak with her for two years afterwards. Some people come out to their loved ones and are immediately faced with violence and hate. And yet now coming out is a joke? To toy with people’s emotions for a view, is ridiculous. These videos glamorize and poke fun at the pain of the LGBTQ community and it’s extremely upsetting.

Do you believe this coming out prank videos should be pulled down?

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5 thoughts on “Guy Thinks It’s Funny To Come Out As A Prank To Girlfriend”

  1. “Do you believe this coming out prank videos should be stopped?” “be stopped”?

    Maybe it’s not what you meant but “Be stopped” sounds like force someone to stop making them? How would we even do that?

    And even if we could, why would we?

    Just because someone does something you don’t like, doesn’t mean you need to bring out the pitchforks.

    Let’s stop being “hurt” by everything. Yes, some people have a really shitty time when they come out, we all know that… but that doesn’t mean we have to turn it into a super sensitive topic that no one could possibly joke about.

    Being whiny about nothing is annoying. Relax.

  2. Oh by all means, it’s hurtful and damaging so let’s post the video and suggest everyone watch it. Come on, let’s give him more game and attention, then we can wonder aloud, “why would anyone do this?”

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  4. This article leaves me confused. What is/was the purpose of this article and why repost and bring attention to his thoughtless video?

    I venture to say the majority of people reading are already aware that this prank he played out is tasteless and painful to many in our community. We need reminding of this why?

    All has now done is give this dude more views – to an audience that already knows the hurt of such videos.
    You’re preaching to the choir. ?


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