Gym Time, Get Out The Vote, And Big Dog Energy

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Austin Wolf, whose Halloween involved a little ‘risky business.’

And just like that, Titanius Maximus jumped from Halloween to the holidays:

Three scoops of cowboy – which do you pick?

Ivan took a minute (and maybe just a minute) to enjoy the Alaska sunshine:

Dr. Marco moves from work to evening mode with ease: 

GayUncleMario knows how to ride (make sure to swipe for the memes):

Brogan pulled up his big dog energy:

Flavio is all about intensifying his overflow (or something, we got distracted…):

ready_w_red served cake at the gym:

Bruno Baba gave us a multiple choice quiz:

Matt Pappadia handled Flex Friday no prob:

Shomari Francis was working on those elevator gains:

Meanwhile, Elliot Norris dramatized how GenZ reacts when asked to work after 5pm:

Surfbearla enjoyed that Palm Springs daze:

Actor Polo Morin offered this advice as he turned 32: “Break the mold, make your own mold.”

Brandon Osorio on two in the shower – yay or nay?

Meanwhile, Derek Russo went solo in the shower with a message – make sure you vote:

Max Emerson had his own Get Out The Vote pitch (and it benefits the Ali Forney Center):

Chubby Tanuki living that robe life:

Sportsmanship is a beautiful thing:

Matthew Camp got a boo-boo, but we’re just here for the hashtags:

When you’ve got friends…

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