Hamm, Tatum, Jackman, Sheen, Bieber, What They’ve Named Their Manhood

Junior, Big Boy, The Destroyer, Spitty, Meh, The Soldier, Turtle man, The Wide Ride, Shania Twain, Batman, Robin, Bunny, The Arrow, Floppy, Boris, Stick and Balls, Peter, Regis Philbin, Dip Stick, Money Maker, Juicy Fruit, Bottle, whatever you call your manhood, bravo for taking that step of recognizing it has a personality of its own.  Some of us don’t take that step, but instead just make a mold of it so our husbands can have a ride when we’re not home. 

In a recent FOX News post, Jon Hamm names his manhood and reveals ‘kinks’ in the bedroom, the ‘Mad Men’ alum, who is engaged to Anna Osceola, got candid about his bedroom preferences while participating in the “Pillow Talk” segment during Tuesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

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