Handsome Fashion Exec Comforts Gayle King During Flight

On a recent flight from LAX to JFK, Oprah’s BFF Gayle King seemed to have a bit of a panic when the flight encountered some more than usual turbulence. The journalist seemed to be frantic when a nearby first class traveler turned to Gayle and held on to her hand to comfort her during her breakdown.


Gayle took to social media to acknowledge the traveler for supporting her during the scary flight. It turns out that the traveler is Ralph Lauren executive, Dennis Adler, who was on his way home. Adler is ADORABLE and a gentleman—and did I mention he and his husband make a handsome couple?!

Just look at this coverage in Vogue from his BREATHTAKING wedding to husband David Gevurtz last year! I can't even function after absorbing all that beauty.



Where is the Dennis Adler on all MY cross-country flights? Maybe I should fly first class more often?

Along with Adler, Gayle received a lot of relief from a flight attendant who gave Gayle some reassurance that they were safe high in the clouds.

Sit back and relax, Gayle! You’re in first class—have a drink! And be sure to have sexy fashion guys around to hold your hand every time you travel. That counts as a carry-on right?

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