Handsome, Hirsuted, Hottie: Get To Know More About Yummy Alex Tikas  

Credit: Sasha Lovette

Well… hot damn! Alex Tikas, who has become one of the most prominent and followed gay porn stars over the past couple of years, is our latest Hottie of the Week.

The Washington D.C. resident checks off many boxes of what it is to be a hottie. He has universal sex appeal as there are many aspects about him, from a physical standpoint, that are fun to look at. His kind eyes, hairy body and other features (wink wink) make him very popular in the digital and real world as his empire continues to grow.


He also has that intellectually stimulating thing about him that can drive you wild from a brainiac perspective if you are tired of him doing the same to your pants area.

Check out our exclusive with him below where he chats about what its like to be “rough dad trade” and so much more.


What do you think is the most attractive part about yourself?

Most attractive part of me is when I laugh. It’s loud and obnoxious but I’m painfully self-aware about it which makes it kind of charming.

What do you find guys compliment on you the most, physically?

When I’m clothed it’s my eyes. Clothes off — its my d**k or legs.


What, to you, defines sexy in another man?

Confidence backed with intelligence. Sense of humor and generosity. Sexy can be the way a guy approaches me with a fearlessness. Sexy can be life experience and someone that I look up to and can learn from and admire. Physically though, I am cliche about it. Darker, hairier and knows his way around a gym . So many facets to this question because “sexy ” on a man can mean many things.

What is your proudest moment so far in your life in being an out gay man? 

Hitting my forties and having absolutely ZERO f**ks about someone’s opinion of me. Realizing the power of words BUT the responsibility of their EFFECT on me is UP to me. This is a work in progress as I can get pretty “Mediterranean” when it comes to emotions. Who doesn’t ever get their feelings hurt? But it makes me proud that I can keep going.


What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years?

Personally — I want to own property. I want that white picket fence.

Professionally after having my own JUST FOR FANS and ONLY FANS accounts — I want to run my own porn studio.

Credit: Sasha Lovette

Have you found love? If so, what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)?

This snarky, sarcastic, cynical born and bred New Yorker has found what he likes to call “the last stop”. I am in love.

The best part of my relationship is that his face is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. Whether we are together or not, he is always with me. If we have an argument, it’s not fatalistic. If we disagree, we disagree as adults. I have found someone who is fluent to the language of my heart (Sorry, I’m Greek. We LIVE for melodrama). I never thought I would find it. I kept getting closer and closer but every time one ended, I was DONE and before him trust me I was DONE. But then I saw his face and I knew immediately I’m done like a burnt burger.

What I love most about my partner is that he is a full throttle pig in the sheets and a finely tailored Kiton suit in the streets. A perfect gentleman until the lights go out.  I love that he is kind, sweet and generous of spirit. I love his work ethic and his ambition. I love how he talks to his mom in Venezuela every day. I also love his hairy ass. He’s a good egg.


Rapid fire question time: 

What is your favorite movie of all time?


The Coal Miners Daughter or The Dollmaker.

Biggest celebrity crush right now?

I would really like to do unspeakable things to Tom Hardy.

Favorite cheat meal or snack that you can’t get enough of?


General Tso’s combo with pork fried rice and an egg roll followed by a pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

If you’re stuck on an island for eternity, what CD do you want to have there with you?

Madonna’s entire musical journey from start to finish (even though the finish is kinda meh).

What does it mean to be featured as our Hottie of the Week for you? 

I’m flattered that a rough dad trade guy in his 40’s can still be considered a “hottie”. I appreciate the nod. What does it mean? It means a lot.

You can follow Alex on his Instagram here and check out a previous feature we did on him here.

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