Harry Styles And Lizzo Sang ‘Juice’ Together?

Screenshot via YouTube @SiriusXM

Lizzo and Harry Styles? Yes, please!

Back in December, we shared with you the video of Harry Styles doing a cover of Lizzo’s “Juice.” In the video, which he performed for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Harry sang Lizzo’s song with a joy and energy that got us fanning ourselves down. And it looks like we weren’t the only ones who took note of the performance. After the video went viral, Lizzo tweeted out to the world, “You know what this means right…..?” And it turns out, it means a collab opportunity between the two singers was in order.


While performing juice at her Filmore Miami Beach show on Thursday, Lizzo brought Harry Styles to the stage.

“I wanna end it on a high note. Who wants ‘Juice’?” Lizzo asked as the concert came to a close. 


Then Lizzo stopped the music to say, “Hold up. I need to bring someone out.”

But even better, the wonderful collab was recorded and shared online through Sirius XM’s YouTube channel. You can watch the video below to see the joy, the fun, and the sensation.

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