Harry Styles Stuns the Internet with New Music Video Transformation

Harry Styles recently stunned the internet once again after the release of his latest music video for his song titled “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.”

In the music video in question, the 28-year-old English singer-songwriter was shirtless, sporting a beard, and is a merman of some sort, but instead of a tail, he has tentacles. Yes, you read that right.

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In the MV storyline, Styles gets caught by a fisherman and brought to a sushi restaurant. He witnesses various seafood being sliced, and he worries that he’ll end being one of them to eventually be served as sushi.

Luckily, the singer doesn’t end up like the other sea creatures, but instead, he is treated well by the staff. He gets pampered by them, and becomes a superstar mascot for the sushi restaurant. There is, however, a huge plot twist at the end, which you’ll have to watch yourself. 😉

Of course, the people on the internet have a lot of thoughts about Styles’ MV transformation, and here are some of their reactions on Twitter:



Some didn’t like the beard as much though…



Meanwhile, others were just plain confused.


Despite the mixed reactions, many people do agree that the ‘As It Was’ singer SLAYED it once  again.



Thoughts on Styles’ “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” music video?

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