Haunting & Emotional ‘Georgia Summer Dream’ Has Us Watching Out for Alex vdH

We first covered Alex van der Hoek (Alex vdH) in a post from November 2018 titled LGBT Music Highlight – We Shine A Light On Five 'Family' Artists And Their Newest Releases

'Dead Without Dancing' is Alex van der Hoek's first single and official music video. It was inspired by a quote from Britney Spear's 2008 documentary 'For the Record.' 

We loved his energy, the sexy and sparkling fishnet top, and anything Britney gets me going.  Was that going to be the genre Alex was going to take hold of? A dance beat with an almost too repetitious chorus? 'Dead Without Dancing' is a fun song, but what else can yah do Alex?

Enter 'Georgia Summer Dream'. 

Was the newest release from Alex vdH going to be another thumping tribute to Brit Brit? Dancers everywhere? We would not have minded one bit!  But no, we were going to receive something totally different.

'Georgia Summer Dream' is about the rise and demise of one of my first gay relationships. – Alex vdH

The first tones of 'Georgia Summer Dream' made me think of an older country western ballad as awaited the slide guitar to make its presence known. But then the chorus flooded into my ears and transformed my listening pleasure and I was like, this is pure Lana Del Rey.  The haunting tone and emotion that Alex creates in this song had me clicking on replay.  Have a listen.

To create 'Dead Without Dancing' and 'Georgia Summer Dream', it shows that Alex is here to show you what he's got.

No, I'm not referring to those revealing crop top shirts that he wears so well or that coif that I just want to run my fingers through and mess up.  Yes, he's a cutie, but that's not why we're mentioning him.  I receive a great deal of music and I do not share it all. Some try, some are just a pretty face with a Casio, and I do share music that I may not like, but I know the talent is there and some of our readers will enjoy. 






A straight boy called me athletic the other day so I had a photo shoot to express my feelings about it. #masc

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he's here to show you the variety of energy, softness, emotion, and creativity. Not only has Alex shown us his vastness of talent and seems to be not a one hit wonder, one trick pony, one tone instrument, but he has a great team behind him to and he should be grateful for that.  Kudos to Carmen Emmi for the direction as some of the shots in this video magnify the emotion even more so than the words and music. I personally was not a fan of the threesome/angelic scene toward the end, but everything else was spot on. 

It seems that Alex van der Hoek is on a roll. He's polishing his craft, becoming more confident in his work, and we cannot wait to see what he has next for us to enjoy.






Happy pride month to all my fellow kings and QUEENS #pride #lgbtqia : @caseyk.photo

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"Georgia Summer Dream" by Alex vdH

Directed by Carmen Emmi Starring Conor McCullough and Eddie Waters

Instagram and Twitter are @alexvanderhoek

Available on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.


Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/alex-v-d-h

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