Have Dating Apps Made Society Sleazy?

Have Dating Apps Made Society Sleazy?

We’re Living In A Virtual Bathhouse!

Ugh! Are dating apps the reason it's so hard to find a boyfriend? Hear me out, I'm a millennial dating, dipping, and doing it often in one of the biggest cities in the world- Los Angeles. Is there a reason why I'm still single when I can essentially connect to anyone on my mobile device? Okay, perhaps I'm just crazy, but I beg the question. 

The dating world can be so ruthless. I recall an old term, "boys are like buses, every fifteen minutes another one comes". Well, that statement is demolished. One swipe right and you've met the man of your dreams or the man of your time. Since the evolution of online dating, I believe we more often will choose the latter. It's so easy to get over someone by getting under another. 

Dating apps have given everyone a confidence boost. Oh, that man in the grocery store you were eyeing didn't catch your attention? Lucky enough, someone online just called you beautiful. Now, instead of having one person's attention, we can have thousands. I personally believe there is now more of an outreach to have random sex than there was before. We're living in virtual bathhouses. Closeted men can be themselves in a digital world. We live for the risk and excitement. People we once never thought we could connect with are literally under our thumbs. 

Do you think dating apps have made society more sleazy?

What do you think?