Have You Ever Played Gay Chicken?

Have you ever played chicken before where the person to win is the one that does not yield? 

What about gay chicken? 

If you are reading this, you are probably disqualified from playing gay chicken. 

Here's a hoot of a video from a friend, "Michael Henry."



We need to put this gay chicken video on GQ stat!  Maybe we can get some guys at the gym playing this.  I volunteer to be referee!

You may remember him from one of his more well known videos we shared last month, How To Turn A Straight Guy?

And I'll be watching Michael Henry's Youtube page for more hilarious videos to share with you in the future.


Gay Chicken-


Michael Henry
Brendan McCay
Zach Dulin

Edited by Brendan McCay
DP: Shannon Godly

What do you think?