Have You Seen the ‘Queer Eye/SNL’ Crossover?

Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye took Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in a new Queer Eye/SNL crossover video posted on the SNL YouTube page.




Pete who is SNL’s resident awkward funny man took some advice from Tan to get rid of what he calls his “guido trash” look. A hilarious video that takes us through a fashion montage of Pete in different outfits and educates us on the cost of a mannequin.


One of the highlights of the video is when Tan discovers that Pete has a hole in his underwear after having a chat about the difference between boxers and briefs and how much or little support each provides.




To help Tan out, SNL cast member Heidi Gardner steps in to reconfigure the looks she knows Pete to have and play it down a bit.

Now Pete Davidson is ready for a night out with his girlfriend.

Watch the video here:



h/t: SNL YouTube

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