Have You Thought Of Your ‘Sick Day” Excuse For Tuesday Yet? Here Are Some Winners.

Are you ready for Halloween?   Between the house parties, festivals, and celebrations, some even starting Thursday night, we're going to be pretty tired when Tuesday morning, November 1st comes around.  So if you are ready for Halloween, good for you, but are you ready for the day after? 

Will bosses know that Tuesday will be a late start for many if they come in at all?  What kind of excuses will they hear?

You practice your 'ill voice' before you dial, but what if you take it too far and end up sounding like you're in an am-dram production of Macbeth? You try and enjoy the day you've scammed for yourself, but what if you forget and post an Instagram of yourself kicking back with a Frappuccino? And before all that: what's the best illness to try and fake anyway?

In that regard, at least, there is now some guidance.

AXA PP surveyed 1,000 business leaders–bosses, in other words–to ask which excuses they are most inclined to believe.

The 10 top is reassuringly bland, proving the bullshit you concocted about your roof falling in or being bitten by a rare spider is unnecessary.

The most believable excuses for being off work are:

1. Flu

2. Back pain

3. Injury by accident

4. Stress

5. Elective surgery

6. Depression

7. Anxiety

8. Common cold

9. Migraine

10. None of the above

One in four bosses are inclined to believe you have the flu, but that drops to one in five if you're going down the cold, migraine and anxiety route. – esquire.co.uk

Hopefully your Tuesday phone call goes better than this one.




What has been your winning excuse for getting out of work?

Will you call out on Tuesday? Monday, too?


h/t: esquire.co.uk

photos from collegehumor.com

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