HB2 Officially A ‘DISASTER’ In North Carolina. SMH

Thanks to the LGBT community and our supporters, North Carolina Republicans are running around with their tails between their legs, trying to backpedal on the state's discriminatory HB2 law.  Kinda.  Like any good politician, instead of changing a law that is wrong, they are defending it and throwing more money into the abyss of their own stupidity.  But the question is … where is the money coming from?


After months of doing absolutely nothing to mitigate the fallout from their abhorrent HB2 law, North Carolina lawmakers are now scrambling to cover the state's legal bills resulting from the law and head off losing the National Basketball Association’s 2017 All-Star Game over it.

The Senate also approved a plan to give McCrory's office $500,000 to defend the law in court, by transferring money from a disaster relief fund. The measure still must pass the House.

That means that NC Republicans—the very people who rushed to pass HB2—have declared it a "disaster"… of their own making. Heh. Haha. LOL. Of course, they're also finally trying to rework the law under threat that the NBA will pull the plug on next year’s All-Star Game in Charlotte. Also laughable since the NBA is already flat-out rejecting the effort because it does nothing to curb discrimination against transgender individuals.

“We have been engaged in dialogue with numerous groups at the city and state levels, but we do not endorse the version of the bill that we understand is currently before the legislature,” the NBA and [Charlotte] Hornets organizations said in the statement. “We remain committed to our guiding principles of inclusion, mutual respect and equal protections for all."

The statement reiterated that "no new decision" had been made regarding the All-Star Game. 

Nothing is sweeter than watching a completely incompetent GOP-led legislature desperately try to rearrange the deck chairs on their Titanic.  – dailykos.com

Will the Republicans continue their fight to be "right?"   What will have to happen in order to make them realize they are not benefiting anyone by keeping to their guns on HB2?  How much more money will go down the bathroom drain?

h/t:  dailykos.com

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  1. Now Trump is supporting the

    Now Trump is supporting the States (unconstitutional, discriminatory) right to HB2.


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