HBO Cancels Game Of Thrones Prequel

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After Months Of Anticipation Following A Less-Than-Ideal Ending, Games Of Thrones Prequel Is Shelved

Whoa! So, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the juggernaut that is probably HBO’s most famous series, Game of Thrones. The network helmed by program creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss received a handful of backlash from their shortened, final season that appeared a bit rushed and left us with an ending we weren’t anticipating: A handful of “winners” compared to one who was meant to sit on the throne. Many debated the aforementioned creators were rushing through the finale to work on the upcoming Star Wars films, but as you may have heard, yesterday the gentlemen both chose to exit the Star Wars trilogy they were set to write and produce. Now, there’s even more outrageous Game of Thrones news that just hit social media.


According to Variety, the much anticipated Game of Thrones prequel starring the always fabulous Noami Watts (The Ring, Mulholland Drive) is no longer moving forward. How shooketh are you?! The series was set to take place thousands of years before what we saw take place – and finish – to give us more background on perhaps the throne itself becoming into existence? Who knows – and we certainly won’t. Because like a bigot spouting on social media – it’s canceled. Could they have been having difficulty creating a storyline knowing that an ending already exists?

While GOT, as the mega fans call it, have been treated to gay storylines throughout the series, you may not know that HBO’s series essentially brought us media darling, Jonathan Van Ness. Van Ness gained notoriety off of his YouTube series, Gay of Thrones where he would discuss the latest episode with a celebrity guest. I checked the media sensation’s social media and no word yet from him on the diss of the prequel, but I’m sure he has something to say – per always!

Are you bummed that the GOT prequel got canned or do you think there isn’t much of a story to tell?

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