HBO Max Drops a Heartwarming Preview of ‘The Big Brunch’

‘Schitt’s Creek’ star Dan Levy is the host as well as one of the judges in HBO Max’s upcoming culinary show entitled ‘The Big Brunch.’

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The reality cooking competition will feature ten chefs who will be competing for the $300,000 grand prize to be awarded to one winner. The first season is composed of 8 episodes wherein according to Levy, “10 good people” will compete.

“I think the stories that we will tell, that our 10 chefs will tell, will really warm people’s hearts. The whole thing is just like a nice warm hug without ever feeling saccharin, because I have a real aversion and a phobia of faux sentimentality and unearned warmth,” the 39-year-old Canadian actor expressed.

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Chef Sohla El-Waylly and restauranteur Will Guidara will also be joining Levy as judges in ‘The Big Brunch,’ and he talked about their trio’s dynamic stating,

“Sohla and Will offer such strong perspectives culinarily, from a business point of view. I think it’s a rare alchemy to have an enthusiast, a chef, and a restaurateur coexisting in a way where we really appreciate each other. I think as a trio, we’re able to offer a really comprehensive world of criticism, constructive criticism.”

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Despite it being a competition, the actor summed up the show as “very much about humanity.”

“Even though it’s brunch, even though I’m screaming about a cinnamon bun or screaming about delicious Kanji, there’s that fine balance. And there’s an open bar, so things get loose,” Levy concluded.

(c) Twitter: @hbomax

‘The Big Brunch’ is scheduled to be released on November 10 on HBO Max.


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