Head of Liberty Counsel Says Q in LGBTQ Stands for Pedophilia

Founder of the Liberty Counsel Mat Staver spread misinformation when he said that the Q in LGBTQ is meant for people who are attracted to minors. Image via Facebook.

I’ve written about the Liberty Counsel’s anti-LGBTQ stance in the past and once again founder Mat Staver shares his bigoted views with all of us when he said the Q, which stands for “queer” or “questioning” in LGBTQ is in reference to pedophile and ephebophiles, according to Metro Weekly

He made the comments during his appearance on a Christian radio show Crosstalk as a counter to a resolution that was recently passed in California that urges people to embrace the positivity related to acceptance LGBTQ people, as he felt that that resolution poses a threat to religious freedom. So is he saying in order to be religious you must also be intolerant of specific groups of people? Pretty wild. 

The resolution also says that religious leaders should counsel LGBTQ people from a loving, accepting standpoint while also being aware of the dangers of conversion therapy. Staver is against this, which is very telling of himself and the organization that he founded. He commented that the “Q” in the text of the resolution was added in an attempt to promote “divergent sexualities” such as “minor-attracted individuals.” There are so many things wrong with that statement but I’ll just address two:

  1. As mentioned above, the Q stands for “queer” or “questioning.” That’s it. 
  2. (Opinion incoming) Being attracted to a minor isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a sexual orientation, as children can’t consent and that people who are attracted to minors are incapable of actually being attracted to the person but rather their age, which I suppose would make it a sort of fetish. 

After being asked about his feelings towards the fact that over two-hundred corporations signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to side with the LGBTQ plaintiffs and to ensure that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, he said “They’re trying to use their corporate clout to send a message to… elevate sexual orientation and gender identity” and that those corporations are fine with people having sex with children. No Mr. Staver, no. That is not at all the reason why those corporations signed the brief – it was to protect LGBTQ people from people like you. No one thinks that having sex with children is okay and by claiming that you know that people think like that, you’re just spreading the very harmful and very false myth that gay people are predators.

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Source: Metro Weekly

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