‘Heartstopper’s Kit Connor Shows Off New Look for Upcoming Film

Kit Connor recently revealed his new look, which is quite a big change from his signature ’90s-inspired hairstyle, and a lot of people on Twitter were surprised about it…


The new look in question is none other than a buzz cut, and the 20-year-old English actor shared how he feels about it on the caption of his post, writing:

“I kinda like it.”

(c) Instagram: @kit.connor via Twitter: @PopBase

Meanwhile, here’s what some people on Twitter have to say about Connor’s new hairstyle:


“okkkk this photo changed my mind he looks cuteee asfffff wasnt shore about the buzz at first but phew,” @fwfrank0cean commented.

MY GOD!!!!,” @leod08276 wrote.

“It takes a lot to cut your hair that short. But all in all it’s the confidence and you seem to have it so it still looks good no matter what because your innards are the one that people like the outer is just the icing on the cake. I think that says it all,” @Chiago91318488 expressed.

Moreover, Connor is currently in the midst of working on a new film called “Warfare”, wherein his role reportedly requires him to shave off his hair. Aside from the upcoming movie, the ‘Heartstopper’ heartthrob is also starring as Romeo in the Broadway adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic play, Romeo + Juliet.


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