Heath Thorpe to Attend the World Championships After Being Snubbed

Heath Thorpe recently announced that he is still going to the World Championships even after being snubbed by Australia’s gymnastics governing body this summer.

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They failed to select him for the World Championships, which was a surprise because he won one of Australia’s highest honors in his sport: Australian All-Around Championships. Not to mention, Thorpe was also a part of the team that landed a place for the country in the World Championships for two years in a row.


This led him to make an appeal to the National Sports Tribunal for his non-selection, however, Australia Gymnastics didn’t change their decision. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Australian gymnast decided to appeal once again, but could no longer push through with it due to lack of financial means.

On the brighter side of things, Thorpe is still set to attend the World Championships, not as a participating athlete, but as a journalist covering the marquee event in Belgium. 

(c) Instagram: @heaththorpe

“Got my media accreditation for the World Championships and my first journalist gig! Let me know any interviews, previews, features you would like to see… as well as any podium training requests so I can start planning properly (MAG + WAG)!,” he announced on Twitter.


The gymnast further shared about his degree, writing:

“My degree (almossttt finished lol) is a Bachelor of Communications (PR and Advertising) with a minor in journalism so this isn’t completely out of my potential career realm!”

Congratulations to Heath Thorpe for his first journalist gig at the World Championships! <3

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  1. A friend of mine credits Heath for helping him be authentically gay. He recently came out to his parents and although they kicked him out (he’s living with us now) he says he feels a relief that he can now live freely and he doesn’t have a shadow over him because he’s able to be gay.


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