Heather Matarazzo Told Daniel Franzese that Bijou Phillips Allegedly Strangled Her

Last week, we reported how Daniel Franzese made claims that actress Bijou Phillips was extremely homophobic and harassment while on the set of the 2001 movie Bully.  Now, actress Heather Matarazzo is following up on that story about her own experience with Bijou, where the Welcome to the Dollhouse star claims that she was once strangled by her just before they filmed the 2007 horror film Hostel: Part II.

Heather, who is an out and proud lesbian, did a podcast with Danny called Shut Up and Listen, This is where she revealed the alleged incident to him, and the details are quite harrowing.

They met each other at a "get to know" party situation in Prague prior to shooting the film, where Heather was sober at the time and wasn't drinking.  

Heather said the following:

I remember the grey gloves. I remember the grey gloves. [Phillips] had thrown me up against a wall and put her hands around my neck and started choking me and choked me for a good 15, 20 seconds. And said, because she knew that I was sober based upon when we’d gotten there, we’d been offered pills by one of the producers to help us sleep, from the jet lag and the time difference. And I was like, ‘No, I don’t…. nope.’ I kept on getting offered and offered until I was like, “I’m sober, I don’t do that.” And so that night, when she had thrown me up against the wall and like, I mean I’ve experienced some horrifying moments in my life and I count that to be one of them.

Heather claims that Bijou said to her, "“I’m going to make sure that you relapse on this film.” Matarazzo claims she didn’t relapse during the shoot, nor did she tell the producers or the film’s director.

Daniel says that the reactions that he has received from telling his story about Bijou have been positive for the most part, although he has gottensome haters who have said "Be a man. Don’t be a pussy. Grow some balls."

You can listen to the podcast here

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