Heather Strange Likes Shiny, Pretty Things “Ruthless”

LA artist Chris Kittrell is “Heather Strange” (photo: Adrian Stucker)

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter & artist Chris Kittrell drops the lead music video for his latest project, Heather Strange.

The track, titled “Ruthless,” is produced by Chris Hines and Dave Sitek (who’s previously worked with Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).


Part EDM with hints of classic Human League, if you’re a fan of Morrissey and The Smiths, this will be right up your alley.

And let’s face it – who doesn’t like some shiny, pretty things to look at?

Kittrell says the song came to him “at a low point in my life.”

“I had insecurities and doubts about where I was going, and the world around me,” he shares. “It was rough, but I kept holding on and pushing myself forward, creating music and art. Perseverance is so important. If you hold on and put energy into the things you love, life will balance out.”


After years as the frontman for Baby Alpaca, Kittrell is looking forward to the new solo project.

“Heather Strange is my stage name, inspired by the street where I first started writing the music in Cold Water Canyon, Los Angeles,” says the six-foot-five artist. “I like the name because it’s something bigger than me, something I can create and become a character in front of my audience.”


Music critics have gushed about Kittrell’s fearless alt-pop aesthetic for years.

Reviewing his 2016 track “Teenage Wasteland,” Vice’s Kim Taylor Bennett described Kittrell’s sound as “slinky, soulful crooner pop,” and the track “sparklingly beautiful.” 

Vogue’s Jacob Brown fell in love with Kittrell’s “hypnotic” voice which “somehow made time itself seem to slow down.”

Check out “Ruthless” and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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