Heidi Montag Claims Lady Gaga “Pulled The Cord” On Her Music Career

While The Hills-Revival might’ve recently announced that it would not be returning (once again), original breakout star Heidi Montag is still making headlines. She recently appeared on the “Unpopular with Jacques Peterson” podcast and alleged that Lady Gaga’s famed ode to couture “Fashion” was originally her own, and that Gaga subsequently helped torpedo Montag’s own musical future. She said “[RedOne, a producer] and I were going to pair up and we were going to do what him and Lady Gaga ended up doing, which is writing every song together and producing,” After RedOne produced a demo of her singing the Gaga-penned “Fashion,” he said he simply needed to get Gaga’s consent. “And he was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna cut ‘Fashion’ with Heidi. I have her in the studio, she loves it.’ And [Gaga’s] like, ‘Great. Sure, she can have that song.’ (The demo of Montag’s version can be heard here).

So then I recorded it and it was my song. That was the impression I was under”. Montag went on to say that “She did not want me working with RedOne and she told RedOne she wouldn’t work with him anymore if I kept working with him. And he’s like, ‘I’m sorry. She’s my writing partner for huge things.’ We even went out to dinner with him several times and we were hanging out with him and she pulled the cord.” Montag finished by confidently saying “So of course she’s not going to want to share that when at that moment I was a potential rival for what she was doing.”


While Lady Gaga herself has not commented on Montag’s claims, RedOne has already publicly complimented Montag’s potential for pop superstardom. The producer told US Weekly in late 2009 “She’s really good, and I love her personality and the way it comes through in a song,” going on to say “She makes you believe it. She’s great in the studio. … She has a star quality — a powerful personality with no limits. She can do anything and make it sound credible. She’s a born star.”


Even without RedOne or the gargantuan (and well-deserved) success that Mother Monster has had, Montag has been no shrinking violet when it comes to the dance charts. Her 2010 full-length album “Superficial” remains a cult classic, delivering several high-profile tracks. The single “Look How I’m Doing” featured Machine Gun Kelly, but “More Is More” was the summer anthem that no one saw coming. In the hands of Grammy-winning DJ/producer Dave Audé, the single became a July 2009 summer dance floor staple, going on to become Montag’s first song to chart on Billboard, despite not being a single release. It even ended up peaking at #27 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Song chart. To this day, fans clamor for Montag to release more music, although Montag herself has said she is going in a more faith based direction with her music. 

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  1. Not sure the timelines work out. Gaga was on the Hills styled by Lauren and Whitney for Kelly Cutrone. She was debuting Just Dance this was 2008.


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