Hello Sexy Santa! Who Do You Want Coming Down Your Chimney?

Are you ready for the big boy to come down your chimney so you can find out what’s in his sack?  

I remember as a young gay when icuii and AOL chat rooms were the rage and you waited 3 minutes for that 150kb pic of some form of gay sex to download. There were also ftp and other databases with erotic stories. Some were holiday focused and yes, there were many that were about Santa Claus ravaging gay men or men finally giving Santa a present of his own. Some were kind of hot and others were like whaaaa?  But to each my own, er um , their own!

When those sugarplum fairies dance in your head and you dream of Jolly ol’ Saint Nick, what do you picture him as? Has the image changed in your mind since you’ve had your gay stocking officially stuffed? 

Well, let’s see all the different gay Santas that are out there.  We could look for Santas in general, but let’s focus on the ones that fly our flag. Raiding Instagram, we first looked at #gaysantaclaus.

I’m heading to Boston this coming weekend and for some reason this reminds me of a scene at The Boston Eagle.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, someone will re-enact it with me on Friday or Saturday.

This guy actually looks like he is coming out of a big fireplace.


There’ always room or Tom of Finland on our naughty list.

Some of these are not the most recent, but still goodies. Here’s one from 2017.

Santa of course is not just an American thing. Here’s one from Hungary that we would love to finish unwrapping.


Who wished for cake for Christmas?

Milk and cookies and suspenders, oh my!

There were some good ones at #gaysantaclaus, but what about #gaysanta.  Would that hash tag get us closer to the gay Santa we were looking for?

A skinnier Santa but with a winning smile, @joeygonzalez was the most recent post using #gaysanta.

Looking for something a little more rubberized? @rb.man_ gives us a fetish option to consider.


Are you okay being stuck between Santa and his reindeer? @hoonertang may disagree.

We’re not sure if this Santa is still at the @cabanasfortlauderdale , but we may send one of our writers over to double check.

@woketwink has the same idea about picking the right Santa for the J.O.B. 

Putting the C for class in Santa Claus is a photo shared by @longplus


What we did notice was that there were not too many gay black Santas out there on the Insta. We actually had to search #gayblacksanta to find one which I think @nanashane tagged himself with that hash tag. 


Here are a couple of photos that we did not find in the Santa hash tags, but ones we were tagged in so we thought we would share.




Which one is for you this holiday season? Did we not find the right one?

Head back to Facebook or Twitter and share with us your ideal version of Daddy Christmas.


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