Henry Cavill Blushes At Bold And Thirsty Fan Tweets In New Video

We all know that Henry Cavill is daddy AF, and many of his fans are crazy about him. But, how does the DC star handle all that love (and obsession)? This latest video lets us find out.

Cavill dropped by Buzzfeed studio and they gathered for him a bunch of screenshots of Tweets that were all about him. From fans wanting his tongue down their throats to other fans who are 99% sure about how big his you-know-what is.

Watching this, we had to cringe a little. When people post thirsty tweets like this, they forget that Superman, while certainly super, is still just a man. Though, who ever thought the man himself would read the tweets?

But on the other end, watching Cavill read all these tweets is both hilarious and very off-putting.

You have to see for yourself by watching down below.

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  1. He doesn’t seem to be the

    He doesn't seem to be the stud and sex symbol in real life the media tries to show us about him…

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