Here Comes The #PillowChallege To Sate Our Boredom

Images via Instagram (from left to right) @simone_lomo_, @c_mcarter, & @malinovskyone

A new challenge has popped up on the internet and it’s just as strange as you may think.

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot to do right now. While spending most of our time in our houses, we’ve had to find creative ways to occupy ourselves. There are only so many hours we can work on productive activities and remote work, after all. And we can even get tired of the TikToking, the Facebook posts, or sharing our creative projects with the world. But, it seems that’s when the “Quarantine Pillow Challenge” came into play.

Again, the “Quarantine Pillow Challenge” is almost what you’d imagine it to be based on the title. While held up in their homes, people have gotten creative with their pillows. Meaning, they’ve decided to start wearing them. The fun comes with the creative ways to cover their naked bodies while wearing only pillows. Or, creative ways NOT to cover their bodies.

From thirst traps to cushion couture, there are many different takes and deliveries of this new online challenge. But don’t take our word for it, check out many of the photos below or through searching the #PillowChallenge hashtag.

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