Here’s a Double Dose of Muscular Full-Frontal to Perk You Up: Hotties Ryan Mertz and Kaelan Strouse in ‘Neighborhood Food Drive’

Howdy. Hopefully your week's going well so far. We've found something that should make it even better–in fact, we've found two of them.

Thanks to OMG Blog, we have great full-frontal snaps of actors Ryan Mertz and Kaelan Strouse from a movie called Neighborhood Food Drive.

In the pics, the gorgeous and muscular boys appear to be posing nude for a painting or sketch, giving us a clear, fantastic view.

The official synopsis for the absurdist comedy Neighborhood Food Drive reads: “Awful idiots fail at throwing a party over and over.”

That sounds fun, but clearly the scene that’s the most fun is this one featuring two fully nude studs. The only complaint is that we don’t get a rear view, too.

For the NSFW glory, go to OMG Blog.

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