Here’s a First Look at Mescal and Scott’s ‘All of Us Strangers’ Film

A first look image for the upcoming ‘All of Us Strangers’ was recently released, and it shows Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott’s characters getting cozy…

The film is an adaptation of Japanese screenwriter Taichi Yamada’s award-winning novel “Strangers”, which was originally published in 1987. The original story is set in 1980s Tokyo while the 2023 movie adaptation takes place in modern day London.

‘All of Us Strangers’ is written and directed by Andrew Haigh, and it is starring Mescal and Scott alongside Jamie Bell and Claire Foy. As per Collider, the plot of the film reads:


“Living alone in a high-rise developed area of the city, Adam [Scott] is pursuing his dream of becoming a screenwriter when he meets his neighbor – the mysterious Harry [Mescal]. From here, Adam’s life is flipped upside down as strange coincidences from his past begin to come out of the woodwork. Most eerily of all, Adam finds that two people that closely resemble his parents (Foy and Bell) who died over three decades prior, are living in his childhood home. As his relationship with Harry grows closer, more curveballs are tossed Adam’s way.”

Moreover, ‘All of Us Strangers’ is set to be showing in theaters on December 22. In the meantime, here’s the first look image, showing Mescal and Scott’s characters getting close in what seems to be a night club:

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