Here’s a Guide to the Steamiest Gay Movies on Hulu

There’s still nearly a full week left in Pride Month. What better way to keep the momentum going than with an exploration of the steamiest gay movies on Hulu?

Whip out your Hulu password, because Mr. Man has just compiled an appreciation of the sexiest gay movies with lots of male skin on the streaming service. 

Perhaps the centerpiece of this whole thing is the ludicrously good-looking red-haired English beauty Harris Dickinson, who showed us pretty much everything in the poignant, tense drama Beach Rats. If you haven’t seen Eliza Hittman‘s Sundance darling, now is your chance. First of all, Dickinson is all kinds of naked in it, and his face and body are so perfect it’s like there should be a new word for perfect. Can we just make up a new word? Someone get on that.

Also, Beach Rats is a genuinely terrific movie that many gay men young and old will be able to relate to. 

The other steamiest gay films on Hulu are:

Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo, a provocative and splendidly acted romantic drama that opens with about 15 minutes of unsimulated orgy sex. 

Free Fall, a German romance with lots of nudity from the smoldering, gorgeous Max Riemelt. Fan me. 

Tom of Finland, a biopic of the world’s most prominent leather daddy, that begins with a bunch of gorgeous athletic dudes skinny-dipping. 

…and Departure, featuring nudity from  Alex Lawther and Phénix Brossard Check out screenshots from Departure here (NSFW).

h/t: Mr. Man

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